SilentFamily with Friends: Stunning Beach Camping on Vancouver Island

SilentFamily with Friends: Stunning Beach Camping on Vancouver Island

Hey everyone!

Join us in our latest adventure as we head to the beautiful Vancouver Island for a unique blend of work and relaxation. This trip was extra special as we collaborated with friends and brands we've worked with over the years to create commercial video and photo content. Over five days, we spent three magical days on a stunning beach, capturing its beauty and enjoying a rare opportunity in a super remote location.

Although Jenna couldn't join us, taking care of Uni back home, I found solace in the remote location thanks to a reliable Jackery and Starlink, which kept me connected for everyday tasks. This setup even sparked some dreams of trying out this lifestyle with Jenna and Uni someday.

Our video captures these three unforgettable days, showcasing the breathtaking surroundings and the peace they brought. From setting up camp to enjoying the serene beach vibes, we aimed to bring you along on this journey, hoping you'll feel the same sense of relaxation and wonder.

This episode highlights the adventure, the serene natural beauty, and the practicality of our gear that made it all possible. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned for our next video, where we'll introduce some exciting new gear and items!

And thank you, Andre, Kristin, and Oliie for a great time!



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* Andre, Kristin, Ollie
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The products featured below were either by our own brand or provided by our brand partners for collaboration purposes. Rest assured, we only highlight items we genuinely recommend and stand behind. Feel free to explore the links; we're confident you'll find something you love.

[ Featured Products in This Video ] (Global)

 - Portable Stove: PEOS Base Camp Stove 

 - Fire Reflector: MC RANCH OVERLAND The Original Fire Reflector

 - Mosquito Coil Holder: PEOS FM Mosquito Coil Holder

 - Foldable Box: PEOS Field Box


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* IKAMPER (US) Rooftop Tent and Acc
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* FIRE MAPLE (Global) Portable Stove and Acc.
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RUX (Global) Weatherproof Storage System

JACKERY (US) Solar Generator

* JACKERY (Canada) Solar Generator

GERBER (US) Compleat Cook Set


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* ICECO (US & Canada) Fridge/Freezer
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 OLIGHT (Canada) Lantern & Flesh Light 
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[ Other Recommended Products ]

* Camp Lights: CLAYMORE

* Camp Chair: HELINOX Café Chair

* Camp Table: HELINOX Café Table

* Coffee Kit: VANDROOP Manual Coffee Grinder



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