Fresh-faced entrepreneur with a past life as a punk rocker, architect, sales, buyer, business operator, and marketer.

Loves baseball, people, and music. Obsesses with bacon, is convinced that maple syrup is the nectar of the gods, and finds solace in the great outdoors while camping.

Hates haters and loves lovers.

A tech enthusiast who constantly explores new gadgets.

Has a keen interest in emerging trends, technology, design, cars, and brands.


Web designer with an enthusiasm for furniture, art, and cartoons.

A biggie fan of the Marvel Universe, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy (Rocket - her absolute fave).

Dedicated to Uni, because to her, the whole universe is all about Uni - by Uni, for Uni!

A shutterbug and video whiz.

Can't live without Korean food, though she’s not a fan of hamburgers and pizza, which are Ben's top picks.

An animal lover and bug hater, especially spiders and mosquitoes.


The furry heart and soul of our family, Uni is our 5-year-old Russian Blue cat who joined us in March 2018.

A master in being cute 24/7, all day, every day.

Hey there, we're Jenna (wife), Uni (our 5-year-old Russian Blue cat), and Ben!
We absolutely love spending time together, getting outside, and going on camping trips. It's been our favorite activity ever since we first started dating back in Korea.

Luckily, we've been able to work for various outdoor brands and a company that trades outdoor gear. Our journey in the outdoor industry has given us incredible opportunities to collect and test a wide range of outdoor products, which I have to admit, I truly enjoy using. But let's be clear, we're not professional adventurers or expedition experts. As an individual, I simply relish trying out these outdoor gadgets and ensuring they are conducive to a comfortable experience. Jenna, who received a new camera as a Christmas gift in 2021, is enthusiastic about documenting and sharing our escapades with all of you.

So kick back and relax! We hope you enjoy watching our videos just as much as we enjoy making them.