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POCKET BED DC-S: Your Essential Companion for Chilly Nights

Back in 2022, as summer was waving goodbye, We were on a hunt for something to make our winter camping trips warmer and safer. I wanted a heat source that wouldn't guzzle power or pose any carbon monoxide risks. And I found the Pocket Bed from S. Korea. 

Over the past 18 months, we've collaborated with the POCKET BED team to adapt this product for a global audience. After a lot of testing and tweaking, we've fine-tuned this Heating Pad, and it's finally ready to be introduced. It's super efficient with its DC-12V power – great for use with power banks or cigarette lighter outlets. Plus, we've made it really user-friendly with a simple controller, timer function, and a compact carrying bag for effortless portability.

This heating pad is a total game-changer for camping outside the summer season. It's been a staple for us, so we can confidently recommend it. It'll keep you toasty all night without draining your power source too much.

POCKET BED DC-S is a Heating Mat designed specifically for the traveler's comfort. Founded from personal need, the origins of the Pocket Bed story developed from a lack of available solutions on the market. Answering many of the potential problems that current heating pads on the market offer, the POCKET BED DC-S is a completely re-imagined heating mat with a high focus on usability in outdoor environments.

Unlike traditional electric heating pads or blankets, POCKET BED DC-S is a one-person heating mat designed specifically for camping and overlanding use. With that said, a key consideration of this model is its compatibility with a sleeping bag, providing a unique and secure heating experience. Powered via DC-12V, the Pocket Bed is highly compatible with most power banks, vehicles, or boats. 


A Camping Innovation:
The POCKET BED DC-S boasts a slim profile, providing shoulder-to-ankle coverage with optimized energy consumption. Free from the risks of continuous max-power draw and carbon monoxide, it offers clean warmth with zero worries.

Efficient and Intuitive Design:
Designed with the outdoors in mind, the DC-S sets itself apart from the rest by being powered via DC-12V, which allows a large range of power supply options. Results from tests with the Jackery Explorer 1000W Power Bank showed that two DC-S mats ran all night on moderate heat settings (Level 3-4), usually leaving more than 50% of the battery the next morning.

Compact and Non-Slip Comfort:
Ideal for Solo Use, the DC-S rolls up compactly, resembling a camping pillow for easy transport. Its luxurious suede fabric with non-slip treatment ensures it stays in place between the sleeping bag and the sleeping surface.

Made in Korea Quality:
Crafted by artisans with over 30 years of experience in heating pad production, the DC-S is the result of a collective effort. As the longevity of the product is a major consideration within the manufacturing process, each mat features low-voltage operation, premium heating elements, and high-quality fabric treated with ‘WarmSeal Mat’ technology. Although it is washable, we recommend using a damp cleaning cloth to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Useful Add-On:
To cater to the duo camping situations, a 12V Split Adapter is available as an optional purchase, allowing two DC-S mats to be powered via a single port.


Model: DC-S
Voltage: DC-12V
Power Consumption: 2W(Min.)-60W(Max.)
Mat Size: 50 x 150 cm / 19.6 x 59 in
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.64 lbs (Including controller)
Mat Fabric: Microfiber Napping
Mat Color: OD Green
In the box: Heating Mat, Controller, Velcro Strap, Pouch, User Guide
Made in S. Korea


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What is ‘WarmSeal Mat’ technology?
‘WarmSeal Mat’ technology is unique to Pocket Bed, which is the process in which heat is applied to bond the heating elements and skin into a unified structure. This drastically improves stability and durability, providing reliable toughness suitable for outdoor environments.

Conventional Electric Blanket Production Method

Traditionally, heating elements are placed in nonwoven fabric, then covered with top and bottom fabrics, and stitched around the edges.

This method often leads to separation between the heating layer and the fabric when pulled apart. This can cause internal heating wire displacement, deformation, and overheating risks.

To prevent these issues, other manufacturers often insert an unnecessary amount of filling or quilting between the nonwoven fabric and the outer material to secure the heating wires.

Pocket Bed’s Production Method

In contrast, Pocket Bed inserts an adhesive layer between the nonwoven fabric with heating elements and the top and bottom skin fabrics. Through heat treatment, these layers become virtually unified into one solid layer.

The heating wires are perfectly fixed in place, significantly reducing risks of deformation, displacement, or fire hazards. Pocket Bed's specially developed fire-adhesive machine enables the creation of slim, durable heating mats.