FIREMAPLE Saturn Gas Stove

Saturn Gas Stove by FIREMAPLE: Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Game - Written by SF 

My quest for the perfect camp cooking solution has taken me through a maze of options - single or dual burners, wood-burning or gas, propane or butane, big or small. Each had its limitations, but none could check all the boxes until I stumbled upon the Saturn Gas Stove by FIREMAPLE.

Well, it's not the smallest or too big, it's not weak at all, but not too strong as well. It strikes that perfect balance of size and strength, and its versatility even allows it to snugly fit in a dedicated hard case, making it even fit into a glove box.

This stove is a culinary revelation, combining power and portability in one compact design. With an impressive 15,000 BTU/hour output, it's more than capable of handling large pots and pans, making it ideal for hearty campsite feasts. But it's just as comfortable when you're simply brewing a quick coffee or whipping up a bowl of noodles.

What sets the Saturn Gas Stove apart are its thoughtful features. The unique foldable legs are a game-changer. When folded, they're perfect for smaller pots and kettles. But unfold them, and these legs adapt to the shape of your cookware's bottom, providing unparalleled stability.

While the Saturn Gas Stove may not be the ultimate solution for every cooking scenario, its versatility and robust performance make it a top contender. It can definitely be your reliable companion for outdoor adventures, offering the power you need and the compactness you crave.

Designed to work seamlessly with ISO butane canisters, the Saturn Gas Stove can also be paired with a Coleman 1lb propane canister using the Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter. This flexibility means I'm always ready to cook up a storm, no matter the circumstances.

And FIREMAPLE doesn't stop at stoves. Their range of outdoor gear combines quality with affordability, making them a go-to choice for camping enthusiasts. When it comes to outdoor cooking, elevate your game with the Saturn Gas Stove by FIREMAPLE.

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Impressive Output:
4,400W-11,000W, dual preheat tubes, and a convenient igniter for powerful and easy cooking.

Dual Preheat Tubes:
Ensure smooth and efficient gas delivery, while the built-in igniter simplifies lighting.

Sturdy Legs:
Provide reliable support for the stove, even when using large pots and pans.

Includes a snug-fitting hard case for convenient storage and transportation.


Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Copper
Weight: 5.2 oz
Unfolded Size: φ250x118 mm
Folded Size: φ180x92 mm
Power: 4.4 kW, 338 g/h, 15,000 BTU/h
Weight: 1 kg, 2.2Ib

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