Ep. 11: Lakeside Camping with Jeep Gladiator

Ep. 11: Lakeside Camping with Jeep Gladiator

This very spot, one year ago, witnessed the birth of an idea. My former colleague and I first conceived the notion of our brand 'PEOS' right here and decided to bring it to life, and we teamed up again. In this video, we're offering a sneak peek into the progress we've made. We brought along some samples to field test before their official debut at the 2023 BC Overland Rally in July. Get an exclusive first look at the exciting products we've been diligently crafting!

While a few locals indulged in their fishing pursuits, the area remained remarkably tranquil - a quality we cherished. Bathed in sunlight, serenaded by birdsong, and accompanied by the distant murmur of a waterfall, every facet of this place exuded magic. 



The products featured below were either by our own brand or provided by our brand partners for collaboration purposes. Rest assured, we only highlight items we genuinely recommend and stand behind. Feel free to explore the links; we're confident you'll find something you love.

[ Featured Products in This Video ]

https://silentfamily.ca/ (Global)

 - Low-Height Metal Table: SF Rover Table 

 - Mosquito Coil Holder: PEOS FM Mosquito Coil Holder

 - Tarp: PEOS Reversible Wing Tarp 4.2

 - Coffee Filter Storage: PEOS Coffee Filter Storage Bag

 - ISO Butane Cover: PEOS ISO Butane Protective Cover-Shark Mouth

 - Toy for Dripbag Coffee: PEOS Tactical Dripbag Coffee Holder

 - Foldable Box: PEOS Field Box

 - Packable Tote Bag: PEOS Packable Tote Bag


[ Affiliate Products with Discount Codes ]

* IKAMPER (US) Rooftop Tent and Acc
 - Free Shipping Code: SFFREE


[ Products with Exclusive Coupon Codes ]

* ICECO (US & Canada) Fridge/Freezer
 - 12% Off (VL Pro Series): SF12


[ Other Recommended Products ]

* Camp Lights: CLAYMORE

* Water System: MIDNIGHT FOREST Rain Basin



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