SilentFamily with Friends: Perfect Summer Night - Camping with Their Dog

SilentFamily with Friends: Perfect Summer Night - Camping with Their Dog

Escape to a perfect summer night under the starry sky as we embark on a camping adventure with friends and their playful puppy, Ollie.

Join us in this 'SilentFamily with Friends' series, where things are a bit more relaxed. We share laughs, chats, and unwind together, all amidst the soothing sounds of nature. There are warm moments by the campfire and lasting memories to be made.

Let the birds' songs and the natural sounds serenade you as you join us on this camping journey. It'll leave you refreshed, inspired, and eager for your outdoor escape.



[ Location ]
49°54'37.4"N 120°34'18.6"W


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* Andre, Kristin, Ollie
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 - And their YouTube channel:


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