Ep. 12: Windy Lakeside Camping Escape - Nature's Powerful Symphony

Ep. 12: Windy Lakeside Camping Escape - Nature's Powerful Symphony

 In our 12th episode, we went on an adventure to find a hidden campsite along a quiet forest road in the Merritt area. Our goal? A peaceful escape into nature's arms. But as it turned out, the weather had other plans for us.

Right from the start, we could tell the wind was going to be a tough companion during our stay. We knew about the fire ban and the expected gusty conditions, but we decided to give it a shot with hopeful hearts. Mother Nature, however, had different ideas.

The wind blew through the area like it had a grudge, and it was relentless. We spent the night trying to get some rest, but the constant howling of the wind made it nearly impossible. By morning, we were pretty worn out.

Realizing it was a battle we couldn't win, we packed up quickly and headed back home. While the wind caused us some trouble, the memory of our lakeside adventure, crazy as it was, will always stay with us. 



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