Ep. 4: Relaxing Lake View Camping with a New Rooftop Tent

Ep. 4: Relaxing Lake View Camping with a New Rooftop Tent

Hey friends, welcome back to our channel! In this episode, we're taking you to a breathtaking lakeside spot, perfect for some relaxing vibes and stunning views. But that's not all – we're also unveiling our new camping buddy, the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini!

After six months of testing the prototype iKamper BDV, we've switched back to the Skycamp Mini, but this time it's the upgraded 3.0 version. We've been fans of the Skycamp Mini 2.0 for over two years, loving its compact, lightweight design, easy setup, and impressive durability. Plus, it's great for resale value too!

Our Jeep's got some cool updates as well – it's now lifted! We took it out on a forest service road to test the ride and make sure everything's in top shape. Switching to a lighter tent was definitely a smart move, considering the Teraflex rear springs and their load capacity.

With winter rolling in, bringing shorter days and longer, colder nights, we're super excited to test some new winter gear. So, keep an eye out for our upcoming snowy adventures!

Join us in this episode for a peaceful retreat by the lake, and let's explore the great outdoors together. Who knows, you might get inspired for your next camping trip!



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