SilentFamily with Friends: Perfect Winter Escape with iKamper Annex Plus

SilentFamily with Friends: Perfect Winter Escape with iKamper Annex Plus

Hey there, adventurers! In our newest episode, we're turning a challenging winter into an opportunity for connection and rejuvenation. We gathered with friends, each of us weathering our own storms, for a weekend that reminded us of the power of community and the great outdoors.

Our journey led us to a quaint local campground, where we could help our friend set up their new Annex Plus for the first time. More than just showing how to set it up, we created a cozy gathering spot amidst the dramatic natural theatre of frolicking sea lions, soaring seagulls, and majestic storm clouds on the horizon.

But that's not all. We put some exciting new gear through its paces, including a board game called Yut Nori, straight from the PEOS Warehouse team in Korea. We're on a mission to perfect this game, making it an easy pick for fun times outdoors.

We're keeping this one light and easy, perfect for a relaxed viewing. It's all about the laughs, the stunning views, and those irreplaceable moments of friendship that make camping so special. So, thanks for joining us on this journey, and let's dive into an episode full of good vibes, beautiful scenery, and the simple joys of camping life.



[ Location ]
49°33'08.0"N 123°14'12.5"W

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* Trippy Worx | Road Trip Workshop
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