Ep. 15: Dreamlike Camping in the Rain - Empty Campground

Ep. 15: Dreamlike Camping in the Rain - Empty Campground

In our recent adventure, we stumbled upon an empty campground on a gently rainy day, offering a perfect escape from our daily routines.

Here's the exciting news - we've partnered with iKamper, now an official sponsor of our channel. This collaboration allowed us to explore some of our favorites from their impressive lineup.

As we settled into our campsite, our little furry friends, squirrels and chipmunks, joined us with their playful antics, bringing smiles to our faces.

Nature, too, had its game to play. The sun and rain played hide and seek, creating a whimsical atmosphere, straight out of a fairy tale, with a blanket of wet fog embracing the lake.

Join us in this calming adventure, where the rain's rhythm and the forest's laughter invite us to savor the moment.



[ Location ]
49°32'06.4"N 121°52'38.6"W


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