SilentFamily with Friends: Unexpected Winter Vibes and Camp Fire

SilentFamily with Friends: Unexpected Winter Vibes and Camp Fire

Join us on an exciting adventure with friends as we embark on a Black Rhino Wheels photo shoot. Our journey begins in the bustling city, winds through rugged mountain terrain, and leads us to the serene shores of a lakeside recreation site.

We had left the wildfire season behind, so we brought enough fire wood for the night. At least we thought so. But we soon realized the weather had other plans. With a surprising chill in the air, our simple camping trip unexpectedly transformed into a taste of the upcoming winter season. As always, we embraced the unexpected, finding beauty in the crisp, cool air and the comforting warmth of a campfire.

Thank you for being part of our adventure. Here's to many more unforgettable moments together.



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