Ep. 17: Cozy Winter Camping in the Rain with Inflatable Tent and Wood Stove

Ep. 17: Cozy Winter Camping in the Rain with Inflatable Tent and Wood Stove

Welcome back to our channel! In our 17th episode, we're diving into a cozy winter camping experience, a much-needed escape from the non-stop work of our new business. This time, we're blending our trusty gear with some exciting new additions.

Last winter, we set out with a mix of gear that's become essential for us - the iKamper's Annex Plus, a propane firepit, and a compact canvas tent combined with a wood stove. Each piece played a vital role in keeping us warm in the chilly outdoors.

This year, we had the opportunity to try out the London 360 Discover by SÖNMEZ OUTDOOR, an impressive inflatable tent from Turkey. It quickly transformed into our cozy woodland cabin for the Christmas holiday. Despite its large size, setting it up was surprisingly easy, thanks to a powerful air pump we recently got from a local hardware store and a hand pump for backup. Its robust construction, high-quality fabric, and thoughtful details like large windows, continuous outdoor views, and storage pockets made it stand out. Plus, it was perfectly equipped to set up a wood stove properly and safely.

It wasn't snowy, but the soft rain and the forest's tranquility were just what we needed to unwind. With a good stock of firewood, we spent our time in warmth and comfort, sharing stories and dreaming about the future.

A special mention goes to the Pocket Bed's DC-S, a single-person heating pad we've been refining since the summer of 2022. Designed for energy efficiency and even heat distribution, it's the product of our collaboration with a Korean manufacturer known for their expertise in heating blankets with 30 years of experience. It's versatile and safe, featuring timers and a soft but non-slip treatment, making it perfect for camping in chilly seasons.

Join us in this episode to immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of rain and the warmth of a wood stove. Experience the peace of the forest and discover innovative camping gear that might just change the way you camp.



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