Ep. 16: Serene Waterfront Camping Getaway with Fall Color & Vibe

Ep. 16: Serene Waterfront Camping Getaway with Fall Color & Vibe

Welcome to Episode 16, where we celebrate our 6th anniversary with a serene getaway, blending historical charm with the coziness of camping.

Last week, we took a journey to a local historic site, an enchanting recommendation from one of our subscribers. This spot is a delightful mix of a quaint farm with friendly animals and a museum rich in stories, creating an ideal setting for a daytime escape.

As we embraced the beautiful fall-winter scenery, with leaves gently falling and seagulls gracefully fishing, we were enveloped in the peaceful ambiance of mid-November. Our getaway continued at a serene waterfront campground, where we connected with nature's tranquility.

Testing New Gear: This episode features our latest addition - a cot tent from Jake Lah, a renowned figure in tent architecture and founder of DAC. His expertise and high-quality aluminum poles are the backbone of leading outdoor brands, like Helinox - a name familiar to us from our early career days. The combination of Helinox's cot and Lah's tent is a match made in camping heaven - compact, easy to set up, incredibly cozy, and roomy.

Another highlight is the Fire Maple Sunflower Stove - a compact and innovative piece, serving both as a heater and stove, ideal for the chilly evenings of November. After encountering a minor issue, we reached out to Fire Maple, and they promptly addressed it, enhancing our confidence in this versatile stove.

As night fell and the temperature dropped, our campfire became the heart of our celebration, keeping us warm and adding a magical touch to our anniversary.

In this video, we share more than just our camping experience; we share a story of love, relaxation, and appreciation for nature's simple pleasures. It's a reminder to find joy in life's small moments and to embrace the warmth of companionship and the great outdoors.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and here's to memorable adventures. Stay tuned for our next episode filled with warmth and wonder!

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