Ep. 7: Cozy Winter Camping with a Hot Tent and Wood Stove

Ep. 7: Cozy Winter Camping with a Hot Tent and Wood Stove

Hello and Happy New Year to all our amazing followers! We hope you've been doing fantastic. It's been quite a whirlwind for us too, with lots of new beginnings and exciting adventures.

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Though it had its ups and downs, I did come across some really interesting finds and even got my hands on a few samples for testing. A big shoutout and thanks to those who sent us fantastic products as gifts – you guys are awesome!

This episode takes us to the beautiful Chehalis Lake. Here, amidst breathtaking views, we tested our latest gear, enjoyed delicious meals, and soaked in the tranquil sounds of nature. It's such a magical place, and I can't wait to head back there when it's a bit warmer.

As for the gear that really caught my eye, I'll be using these in the coming months and will give you a more detailed look soon. And trust me, there are still a bunch of other products waiting to be tested. So stay tuned, because there's a lot more coming your way!



The products featured below were either by our own brand or provided by our brand partners for collaboration purposes. Rest assured, we only highlight items we genuinely recommend and stand behind. Feel free to explore the links; we're confident you'll find something you love.

-- Featured Products in This Video --

https://silentfamily.ca/ (Global)

 - DC-12V Heating Mat: POCKET BED DC-S 

 - Low-Height Metal Table: SF Rover Table 


-- Other Recommended Products --

* Camp Lights: CLAYMORE

* Wood Stove: WINNERWELL Woodlander Double View 1G L-sized

* Tent: RETROS Winter Ground (S. Korea)

* Tableware and Sauce Bottles: AWADA (S. Korea)

* Stainless Steel Cookware: KINOX (S. Korea)  



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